Updated on 16.04.2015


Fibria has various channels for communication with the communities living in the vicinity of its forestry and industrial operations, as well as with other stakeholders, as part of the company’s System of Environmental Management (ISO 14001). Each unit has one or toll-free telephone lines for the reporting of environmental, forestry or industrial incidents or those involving the transportation of wood.

On this website, we provide e-mail addresses and telephone numbers for contact in relation to personnel management, supplies and the press.

The Investor Relations area, meanwhile, has its own website for the disclosure of information that is of interest to the financial market and for divulging news about the company, in compliance with the legislation governing listed companies, whose shares are traded on the stock market.

Fibria has an Ombudsman’s Office to listen to, analyze and resolve any issues relating to the company’s Code of Conduct, a channel that is open to both the internal external public. For more information, click here.