Updated on 27.03.2015


We share our ethical and sustainability values with our suppliers, whose contracts contain standard clauses prohibiting the use of child and forced labor. Fibria is aware of the perils involving the use of child and forced labor in its industrial and forest activities and adopts a number of measures to prevent this from occurring.

Two other obligatory requirements in the hiring of suppliers are compliance with Fibria’s environmental policies and transport safety criteria, which also form an integral part of the contracts signed by the company.

In order to stimulate the structured development of the company’s suppliers, we participate in the Program for the Development and Sanctioning of Suppliers (Prodfor), which is sustained by the state’s 12 largest companies, with support from the Federation of Industries of the State of Espírito Santo (Findes).

Fibria also adopts the principle of seeking to maintain long-term relationships with its suppliers, based on a strong level of cooperation between the companies, as well as giving priority to developing local suppliers.

Such an alliance is not merely a buyer/seller relationship, but a mutual feeling that we share the same objectives. This strengthens the links between Fibria and its suppliers, which tend to become even closer over time.

It is grounded in trust and knowledge of the business. Our suppliers are invited to participate in the production process, the expansion projects and the resolving of everyday problems. This turns sales people into consultants, a much broader function altogether.