Updated on 27.03.2015

PeoplePersonnel Management

We adopt a number of measures to keep the vital force of all our professionals topped up. The corporate structure is appropriate for a company of this size, and the values, culture and identity are disseminated amongst all the company’s collaborators.

In order to ensure responsible and transparent relations, Fibria adopts a process of assessment that is extended to all the company’s executives, with the aim of assimilating the best available practices at the industrial, forest and administrative units.

This process plays an important role in building the reputation of Fibria amongst the different groups with which it relates, as well as fostering the exploiting of synergies and making the best possible use of the professional staff.

Appreciation and respect for professionals

Showing appreciation and respect for its professionals is a regular feature of life at the company.
Health and safety management is one of Fibria’s chief priorities and the company disseminates the notion of how important it is that everybody takes responsibility for safety, while sparing no effort to reduce the accident rate to the lowest possible level.

Checking and ensuring health and safety in the workplace, as well as utilizing the appropriate protective equipment, is also addressed in the collective labor agreement entered into with the entities representing the employees.

All incidents relating to the health and safety of the professionals are recorded and monitored, in line with the corporate standards in place for communicating accidents, injuries and occupational diseases. This forms an integral part of the system for managing Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE), guiding the registration of incidents both within and outside the company. It also provides the safety area with all the information needed for conducting awareness building campaigns that extend beyond the company limits, making a significant contribution to improved quality of life for the employees, their families and the communities in the vicinity of the company’s operational areas.

Another part of the HSSE management system is the Safe Behavior Module, involving application of the Observation of Hazards in the Workplace (ORT), with the systematic observation of workers’ behavior by trained professionals.

The principal programs developed by Fibria in favor of safety in the workplace involve the Prevention of Environmental Hazards, Industrial Radiological Safety, Responding to Road Transportation Emergencies and the Storing of Hazardous Products, the Standardizing of Uniforms and Personal Protective Equipment, the Safe Roads and Safe Forests Programs, and the “Movimento Alerta” safety communication tool.

There are a number of groups and committees working within the system, helping with monitoring and providing advice and guidance in regard to health and safety conditions.

Fibria Program for the Promotion of Health and Quality of Life

Fibria’s + Vida Program for the Promotion of Health and Quality of Life enhances the well-being of our professionals and their family members. Beyond providing guidance and health care activities, the program seeks to develop awareness and the adoption of healthy habits in all aspects relating to quality of life, be they physical or emotional.

Shared responsibility

One of the fundamental values of the program is the notion of shared responsibility. That means that the initiatives directed at health care and stimulating physical and leisure activities, among other things, that are proposed under the + Vida Program, provide the tools for each individual to manage their own lifestyle.

The + Vida Program was developed to be an instrument linking the professional, their family and their quality of life.

Our Program comprises incentives to practice physical activities, nutritional guidance, health-related preventive action, the health of women and pregnant mothers, a program of psycho-social, legal and financial support, ergonomics, and financial orientation, among other things.