Updated on 30.03.2015

PeopleSocial investment

Fibria’s social investment strategy is derived from a structured process of relationship and engagement with the communities in the vicinity of the company’s mills and forest plantations, simultaneously contributing to turning around social and environmental degradation and diminishing the impact of its operations.

The activities are aligned with the company’s sustainability guidelines and the following strategic objectives in three priority areas:


  • Contributing towards training and professional qualifications for the workers
  • Socio-environmental education
  • Developing entrepreneurism
  • Strengthening citizenship

Generating employment and income

  • Helping to increase household incomes
  • Contributing to the development of employability
  • Disseminating an enterprise culture, focused on local aptitudes


  • Conservation of the biological diversity of the biomes in areas where the company operates
  • Helping to neutralize carbon emissions

For more information about Fibria’s social investments, see our 2013 Sustainability Report.