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Updated on 27.10.2015


October 27, 2015 - Portocel sets a world productivity record in pulp operations

The Specialized Barra do Riacho Terminal (Espírito Santo), the result of a partnership between Fibria and Cenibra, is a global benchmark in handling this type of cargo

10/14/2015 –  Portocel

Portocel, a terminal specialized in handling forestry products controlled by Fibria (51%) and Cenibra (49%) set a new world record for productivity in pulp handling on October 1. At 7:25 a.m., the port hit the mark of 37,168 tons shipped in 24 hours. The previous record, also set by Portocel, was 37,044 tons.

This record was set during operations with the ship Halophyla and consolidates Portocel’s position as the world’s most efficient port in pulp handling, as stated by Patricia Dutra Lascosque, superintendent director of the terminal.

Located in Barra do Riacho (Aracruz), Portocel is capable of shipping an average of 24,000 tons of pulp per day per ship, more than the ports of Baltimore (United States) and Flushing (Netherlands), for example, which are among the best in the world and handle 16,000 and 18,000 tons per day of product, respectively.

This record was set through simultaneous operations of four lifts, with four operators each (own and outsourced), representing an improvement over the previous record, when five operators worked in each lift using a greater amount of operational equipment. “This record was the result of normal daily operations thanks to initiatives to improve performance implemented at Portocel,” said Patricia Lascosque.

She also noted that the record was the result of a culture of high performance at the company, combined with the commitment of Portocel teams and the company’s values: excellence, pragmatism, alliance, sense of ownership, open dialogue, meritocracy and nurturing of talents.

Patrícia also observed that Portocel, which handles 70% of the pulp exported from Brazil, has the lowest operational cost in the country and is responsible for nearly 30% of requests for third party employees to the Port Labor Management Body (Ogmo-ES) in Espírito Santo.