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Updated on 24.05.2016


May 24, 2016 - Interactive home shows how the forestry industry is present in people’s lives

The “Our House has Fibria” Project to be held at Vitória Shopping allows visitors to interact with new technologies and offers workshops for children, all free of charge

 Those who like technology, innovation and new discoveries now have an excellent activity for the coming weeks: the “Our House has Fibria” initiative, which will be at the mall Vitória Shopping in the state of Espírito Santo from May 25 to June 12. Installed in the mall’s Main Plaza, the home is open to visitors free of charge and gives them a chance, through interactive technologies, to learn how the forestry industry is present in various environments in our home.

 Visitors will interact with objects through augmented reality technology using the tablets made available. Visitors can also opt to use their own smartphones, with free Wi-Fi to download the application.

 Augmented reality allows for mixing the real and virtual worlds in an experience that opens up a new dimension in the way we see objects. In the “Our House has Fibria” project, technology will allow app users to enter the virtual world by interacting with the real objects on display.

 While circulating through the environments of the home, visitors enjoy access to information on how Fibria’s activities, planted forests and pulp are present in their lives: in magazines, photographs, sanitary papers, electricity or even products made through projects sponsored by the company, such as food products from family farming.

 People who visit the home can also learn about other objects that the company is researching that could soon be a part of their day-to-day routines, such as carbon fiber made from eucalyptus wood that can be used in automotive dashboards and aircraft instrument panels.

 After visiting all rooms of the interactive home – which takes around 15 minutes – visitors are invited to participate in a game to test the knowledge they have absorbed. The game, which is available at a totem with a touchscreen display, will also cover practices of responsible behavior that people can adopt in their homes.


Workshops for children – Children have a great time guaranteed at the “Our House has Fibria” initiative. They can participate in various fun activities in the home’s garden, such as origami, painting, toys made from paper and caricatures. Instructors will be on hand to guide the children in the activities. Parents can enroll their children for the workshops, which is free of charge, at the event site.

“The idea of the project is to show how Fibria’s activities are a part of our day-to-day lives. Many people will be surprised with what they will see at the mall. I’m certain that those who tour the home not only with have a fun experience but also will never look at their homes in the same way,” said Pedro Torres, Fibria’s communication coordinator in Espírito Santo.