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Updated on 23.11.2015


November 23, 2015 - Fibria invests R$ 1.2 million in social projects benefitting 42,000 people in the Vale do Paraíba region

Jacareí, November 18, 2015 – Fibria’s social investment strategy works to generate employment and income and improve the quality of life in the communities where it operates. In 2015, the Company’s total investments reached R$ 1.2 million and benefitted 42,000 people in 13 cities in Vale do Paraíba.

Investments are focused in five areas: Rural and Territorial Development Program (PDRT), Beehives Program, Local Milk Production Arrangement, Jacareí’s Cultural Incentive Law (LIC) and the Votorantim Institute, supporting projects for culture and generation of employment for young people.

According to Fibria’s general manager of Sustainability, Fausto Camargo, the number of projects in the region increased significantly. “The number of locations served increased 41% compared to last year. One example is the Beehives Program, which now operates in seven cities in Vale do Paraíba,” he completed.

In addition to the Beehives Program, which offers technical consulting to beekeepers, the PDRT and Local Milk Production Arrangement also encourage the economic development of small rural producers through specialized technical support.

The five projects supported by the Cultural Incentive Law (LIC) – People’s Theater, Nonada, Infraaudio, Mobile Studio and Home of Tales – all work to provide the community with access to culture, whether through theater, music, arts workshops or storytelling.

The partnership with the Votorantim Institute has also provided excellent results. Focused on access to culture and social inclusion, Fibria and the Votorantim Institute support four projects in the region: Playing Drums, in Santa Branca (SP); Urban Youths, promoted by GAMT in Caçapava (SP); A Path to Employability, and Horticulture and the Environment, both promoted by JAM in Jacareí (SP).

Fausto Camargo also commented that investments are allocated to priority communities. “We conduct a social diagnosis of each community to prioritize investments in the most vulnerable locations. After this stage, the company maps projects for development and evaluates which are the most appropriate for the region given its social characteristics. For example, if the area is more urban or rural, if it has neighborhood associations or cooperatives, etc.,” the general manager explained.

Support for projects lasts five years, long enough for each community to develop and become self-sustainable. With this, it is possible to invest elsewhere. Given this challenge, Fibria has made a public commitment to help communities make 70% of income generation projects self-sustainable by 2025.


Below is a list of projects supported by Fibria in 2015 in the Vale do Paraíba region:

Rural and Territorial Development Program (PDRT)

Scope: São Luiz do Paraitinga

Objective: Encourage local development by strengthening community associations and their networks, focusing on supporting production chains and promoting training of associations.


Beehives Program

Scope: São Luiz do Paraitinga, Redenção da Serra, Santa Branca, Paraibuna, Cunha, Monteiro Lobato and São José dos Campos.

Objective: Contribute to improving the quality of life of beekeepers, generating employment and income through the development and improvement of beekeeping activities within Fibria’s eucalyptus plantations.


Local Milk Production Arrangement (APL)

Scope: Cunha, São Luiz do Paraitinga, Pindamonhangaba, Taubaté, Caçapava, Jambeiro, Jacareí, Redenção da Serra and Natividade da Serra.

Objective: Drive milk production for small cattle ranchers, strengthening the integration of producers and improving the handling of properties.


Playing Drums – Training Talents (Partnership with Votorantim Institute)

Scope: Santa Branca

Objective: Provide contact and encourage new talents in music and the arts. Work to occupy and minimize the idle time of children and adolescents with activities such as rhythm, percussion, music, regional dance and graffiti workshops.


Urban Youths (Partnership with Votorantim Institute)

Scope: Caçapava

Objective: Create a network of the Urban Youths Program in the Vale do Paraíba Metropolitan Region and the north coast of São Paulo, expanding the social and cultural repertoire of youth by appropriating the city and different technologies to increase young people’s participation in public life, thereby capitalizing on talents, communication and insertion into the job market.


A Path to Employability (Partnership with Votorantim Institute)

Scope: Jacareí

Objective: Serve socially and economically vulnerable young people between the ages of 15 and 16 through practical and expository activities that offer conditions for improved adaptation, professional development and interpersonal relationships. The project complies with Law 10,097/00 (the Learning Law).


Horticulture and the Environment (Partnership with Votorantim Institute)

Scope: Jacareí

Objective: Provide professional training to the intellectually disabled, in accordance with quota law 8,213/91 that prioritizes professional education and social inclusion. All actions include articulation and development of sustainable actions focused on eco-efficiency for the cultivation of vegetables, enabling participants to learn about new procedures and sales.


Home of Tales (LIC – Cultural Incentive Law)

Scope: Jacareí

Objective: Produce a series of 12 episodes that will play on TV channel TV Câmara in Jacareí, São José dos Campos and on the Youtube video channel. Value storytellers in Jacareí and Vale do Paraíba.


Mobile Studio (LIC – Cultural Incentive Law)

Scope: Jacareí

Objective: Spread visual arts to areas far from the urban center of Jacareí for different publics and allow for experimentation with mixed techniques, mineral and vegetable tempering and creation of homemade natural paint.


Infraaudio (LIC – Cultural Incentive Law)

Scope: Jacareí

Objective: Foster musical production in the city of Jacareí through workshops that integrate garage bands and studio time.


Nonada – Love Stories of the Sertão (LIC – Cultural Incentive Law)

Scope: Jacareí

Objective: Take the community and schools to the theater to learn about Brazilian popular culture through stories by Guimarães Rosa.


People’s Theater (LIC – Cultural Incentive Law)

Scope: Jacareí

Objective: Foster popular theater productions in the city of Jacareí with a staging of “Tião e a Língua de Boi,” one of the greatest popular manifestations of peripheral neighborhoods, through a total of 30 performances.


About Fibria

A world leader in eucalyptus pulp production, Fibria is a company that strives to meet the growing global demand for forestry products in a sustainable manner. With annual pulp production capacity of 5.3 million tons, the company has industrial units in the cities of Aracruz (Espírito Santo), Jacareí (São Paulo) and Três Lagoas (Mato Grosso do Sul), and in Eunápolis (Bahia), where it operates the Veracel plant through a joint-operation with Stora Enso. In May 2015, Fibria announced the expansion of its Três Lagoas unit in Mato Grosso do Sul, which will receive a new line with the capacity to produce 1.75 million tons of pulp per year. The new line, which will receive investment of US$2.5 billion, is slated to start operations in the fourth quarter of 2017. Fibria has 967,000 hectares of forests, with 563,000 hectares of planted forests and 343,000 hectares of environmental preservation and conservation areas. The pulp manufactured by Fibria is exported to more than 40 countries.