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Updated on 28.04.2016


April 01, 2016 - Fibria hires professionals from Três Lagoas (MS) with vocational and higher education to work in Horizonte 2 Project

Local community has diverse specialist profiles that meet the pulp industry’s needs

Três Lagoas, April 1, 2016 – With construction progressing on Fibria’s new pulp production line at an investment of R$8.7 billion, the Brazilian company, a world leader in eucalyptus pulp production, has expanded its workforce by hiring professionals with vocational qualifications as well as degrees in electrical, mechanical and civil engineering and other fields, to meet the demand from the Horizonte 2 Project.

It is the case of civil engineer Fabiana Lisboa, who has been living in Três Lagoas for six years. She worked in other areas until the opportunity at Fibria came up, as she was unemployed for over a year. “Despite my experience and education, I felt the effects of the economic crisis before being hired by Fibria. My family and I even invested in other areas. Working in Fibria’s expansion project in Três Lagoas gave me the opportunity to do what I’m trained for. It’s satisfying,” said Fabiana.

For mechanical technician Miguel Galhardi, who has been living in Três Lagoas for 15 years and unemployed for nine months, being hired is also an opportunity for professional growth.  “I even thought I wouldn’t find a job in the city. It will be very good for my career, because of the high level of technology at the new plant. I’m sure it will be a tremendous learning experience,” said Miguel, who also worked in the construction of Fibria’s first production line in Três Lagoas.

Another example is of mechanical analyst Eurico Pinheiro Gandra Filho, selected to work in the Horizonte 2 Project after registering his resume at the Fibria website. “I was out of a job for almost a year; it was a difficult moment. But now I’m very happy. I always aspired for a good opportunity, that’s why I sought to improve my qualifications. Now my chance has come in the form of this job. I’m very grateful,” said Gandra Filho, who lives in Três Lagoas with his family.

Arnaldo Milan, the Human and Organizational Development Manager at Fibria, points out that Três Lagoas has professionals with diverse professional backgrounds to work in the pulp industry. “We have significantly ramped up our operations and hence we had to hire qualified professionals from diverse academic backgrounds. Candidates interested in working in the project should register themselves at the Fibria website or visit Casa do Trabalhador because our suppliers have been instructed to announce all vacancies through that channel,” explained Arnaldo.

Construction on the Horizonte 2 Project began in 2015 and is on schedule. With investments of R$8.7 billion (equivalent to around US$2.2 billion), Fibria’s expansion project will create 40,000 jobs during construction and 3,000 direct and indirect jobs at the end of the project. The Três Lagoas Unit will have its annual pulp production capacity increased by 1.75 million tons. With this expansion, the Três Lagoas Unit will have total annual pulp production capacity of 3.05 million tons.