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Updated on 23.05.2016


May 23, 2016 - Fibria concludes modernization of recovery boiler at the Aracruz unit in Espírito Santo

Fibria, the global leader in eucalyptus pulp production, has concluded modernization of the recovery boiler at unit B, one of the three units at the industrial complex located in Aracruz, Espírito Santo. The modernization process, which was executed during March and completed in April, received investments of R$45 million and involved around 750 workers, including the planning and execution team, at its height.

Modernization of the boiler was carried out at the same time as the maintenance shutdown of unit C, which is a scheduled maintenance activity that is performed every 15 months.  Considering both activities (modernization of recovery boiler B and maintenance shutdown of unit C), the operations involved more than 2,000 workers.

“The maintenance shutdowns and modernization of our equipment are aligned with the company’s maintenance plans and are aimed at improving the operational stability and performance of the Aracruz unit, our largest operational unit in Brazil,” said Paulo Silveira, Chief Industrial Officer of Fibria.

The recovery boiler is an essential component of pulp plants, whose role is to recover the chemicals used in the production process, such as sodium sulfate, and generate steam, which is transformed into electricity. Thanks to this process, Fibria is self-sufficient in power generation and even supplies the surplus power to the national electricity system.

During the modernization process, approximately 13,500 meters of pipes that make up the recovery boiler’s wall were replaced. Improvements were also made to air conditioning systems and a new gas scrubber was installed, which is responsible for processing gases resulting from the chemical processes, thereby mitigating the effects of their emission into the atmosphere. The maintenance shutdown at unit C involved preventive checkups in various pieces of equipment at the production line.


Local suppliers – Maintenance and modernization of equipment at the two units (B and C) involved 61 specialized companies, 63% of which are located in Espírito Santo. This intensive participation of companies from the state is part of Fibria’s policy to give preference to local suppliers. Five foreign companies also participated in the operation.

Bruno Guasti, Maintenance Coordinator at Fibria, pointed out that the maintenance shutdown and modernization of the recovery boiler demanded meticulous planning, especially because they involved different companies and numerous employees. “The work was performed successfully, contributing to the operational stability of our plants,” he said. The operations also helped drive the region’s economy, especially at a time when not many companies are making investments.