Updated on 31.08.2017


Any violation of the Code of Conduct by the company’s direct employees, partners, outsourced workers, service providers, management or agents must be reported so that applicable measures can be taken to correct such violation as soon as possible and ensure the maintenance of a fair, reputable and transparent workplace and business environment.

Ideally these concerns should be reported to the managers of the company – immediate leaders of the employee, manager of the operation or contract where the breach was identified. However, there are certain circumstances when reporting to managers may cause constraints. It’s for these moments that the Ombudsman exists!

The Ombudsman may be contacted to clarify doubts or to report breaches of the company’s Code of Conduct, such as acts of corruption, fraud, harassment, discrimination and other acts of behavior, as well as illegal or unethical procedures.

The channel is available 24/7 and may be used by both internal and external stakeholders of the organization, such as employees, third parties, suppliers, clients, investors and society in general.

The Ombudsman receives both identified reports as well as anonymous reports, which are treated equally.

Each report received by the Ombudsman, whether or not containing the identification of the whistleblower, will be treated with impartiality, transparency, discretion and confidentiality.

No retaliation will be admitted for reports made in good faith. Any retaliation should be reported immediately to the Ombudsman.

Contact the Ombudsman of Fibria and Portocel through the following channels:

To send a message to the Ombudsman, click here.

Brazil: 0800 891 1730
USA and Canada: 1-866-340-6689
China  10-800-120-1239

Ombudsman, Fibria Celulose S/A
PO Box number: 81011 – Zip code: 04537-970

Important: Exception of Austria
Under the prevailing legislation covering the European Union and Austria regarding Data protection issues, any violation of the Code noted in the country must be reported directly to the responsible local bodies by employees working in Austria.