Updated on 27.03.2015

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Fibria’s Integrated Management Policy

Fibria, whose renewable and sustainable forests have been managed for the production of pulp and paper, identifies and manages its business risks and the factors relating to and impacting on the environment, society, the health and safety of its professionals and the quality of its products and services, within the context of its overall commitment to:


Acting ethically and showing respect to individuals, with openness to dialogue and in compliance with the law, regulations and specific commitments it has undertaken;


Evolving strategic guidelines that are equally aligned with the needs and expectations of the customers, suppliers, professionals, society, governments, shareholders and other stakeholders;


Building lasting relationships with suppliers and hand-picked customers, offering a distinctive demand for and supply of products, services and business skills of outstanding value;


Ensuring the soundness and sustainability of the business, through mastery and control of the procedures, working to mitigate or eliminate operational risks and environmental and social impacts, following rigorous criteria for the safeguarding of health and safety, while promoting human and social development;


Acting in an entrepreneurial and innovative manner, seeking to continually improve the management model and its processes, products and services;


Guaranteeing excellent standards in its practices and results, through the development and appreciation of its professionals, united internal and external efforts and the exercising of responsible leadership.

We have made a firm commitment to the certification standards obtained and Fibria’s Integrated Management Policy is in full compliance with the requirements of NBR ISO 9001, NBR ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, Forest Stewardship Council® Forest Management Principles and Criteria FSC-STD-01-001, CERFLOR Forest Management Principles and Criteria NBR 14.789, CERFLOR Chain of Custody ABNT NBR 14.790, INMETRO Chain of Custody Regulation Conformity Assessment, Forest Stewardship Council® Standard for Multi-Site Operations Certification of Chain of Custody FSC-STD-40-003, Forest Stewardship Council® Standard for Chain of Custody Certification of Companies Supplying or Manufacturing FSC-Certified Products FSC-STD-40-004, and Forest Stewardship Council® Standard for Non-FSC-Certified Controlled Wood FSC-STD-40-005.

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