Updated on 31.08.2017

InstitutionalCode of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an important instrument of organizational alignment as it establishes the ethical standards and norms of behavior to be adopted by direct and indirect employees, suppliers, management, agents and business partners in their interaction with the Company’s diverse stakeholder groups (internal and external).

That is why the Code should be the parameter for all decisions and actions in connection with our activities at the company or on its behalf and, hence, everyone – irrespective of their position and function – should be aware of and comply with the Code of Conduct of the company in which or for which they work.

Read the Code of Conduct of Fibria and the Code of Conduct of Portocel, available at:

Fibria Code of Conduct
PDF (3.98 Mb)
Code of Conduct of Portocel
PDF (1.3 Mb)