Updated on 30.03.2015

EnvironmentClimate change

Fibria is aware of the risk climate change could represent, not only to the survival of its forestry business, but also to all the natural resources that sustain life on earth.

Studies have identified that greenhouse gas emissions are among the main causes of recent climate change, which includes changes in rainfall, the cause or aggravation of droughts and floods, increased ocean temperatures, the alteration or destruction of habitats, and the consequent elimination of species, and changes in tree growth, affecting wood production.

Given these threats, Fibria has been structuring its program to reduce the impact of climate change through actions that takes in the entire lifecycle of the product, from suppliers to clients. The company expects to raise awareness among its partners and to achieve positive results for the environment.

The main emissions in the production chain are mapped in the forestry, industrial and logistical stages, and all the sources of emissions are listed and accounted for according to the GHG Protocol, from the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and World Resources Institute (WRI).

To guarantee transparent and credible information, and to contribute to the discussions on the issue, the company releases the results of its studies and operations, which are regularly verified by an external third party.

The most recent results can be found in our 2011 Sustainability Report.