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Public Consultations

Controlled Wood Consultation

As part of its compliance with FSC® standards, Fibria conducts public consultations of stakeholders as a control measure for mitigating the risks associated with its raw materials sourcing. This procedure is adopted to avoid using wood that violates traditional and human rights (category 2) or wood from forests endangered by management activities (category 3).

Fibria invites anyone to speak up on any issue pertinent to the controlled wood it acquires. Comments may include remarks on the company’s due diligence system (i.e., measurement system and procedures developed by Fibria to minimize the risk of procuring wood from unacceptable sources).

All comments received will be evaluated by Fibria to assess the performance of the Controlled Wood Verification Program with regard to the applicable FSC® standard.

Click here to access the public consultation questionnaire.

Forest Management Consultation

Fibria’s High Conservation Value Areas

High Conservation Value Areas (HCVAs) are defined as forest areas with social and/or environmental attributes considered exceptional or of critical importance. Some examples are the presence of rare species, the exclusive protection of water basins, the significant presence of archaeological sites or resources collected by local traditional populations.

Aracruz Questionnaire

São Paulo Questionnaire

Três Lagoas Questionnaire

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