Corporate Governance – Fibria

Corporate Governance

Fibria’s corporate governance structure is as follows:


To Fibria, compliance means doing it right the first time. In other words, complying with and implementing all laws, rules, regulations and internal and external commitments. As such, the goal of the Compliance Program is to protect the company and its reputation by implementing effective anti-corruption measures, defending free competition and preventing fraud and losses.

Fibria’s corporate governance concept was built based on objective principles, such as:

  • Transparency;
  • Clear definition of functions;
  • Management independence;
  • High-quality technical and management professionals;
  • Equitable treatment of shareholders;
  • Sustainable growth;
  • Rendering of accounts.

Board of Directors


Alexandre Gonçalves Silva³
Carlos Augusto Lira Aguiar¹
Ernesto Lozardo²
Joao Carvalho De Miranda¹
João Henrique Batista De Souza Schmidt¹
José Luciano Duarte Penido¹
Marcos Barbosa Pinto³
Raul Calfat¹

¹ Nominated by Votorantim Industrial
² Nominated by the Brazilian Development Bank (BNDES)
³ Independent member

Alternate Members
Julio Sergio de Souza Cardozo
Leonardo Mandelblatt de Lima Figueiredo
Sergio Augusto Malacrida Junior
Francisco Fernandes Campos Valério
Arminio Fraga Neto
Cesar Augusto Chaves Mendonça
Sergio Citeroni
Vera Lucia de Almeida Pereira Elias


Audit Board


Maurício Aquino Halewicz
Gilsomar Maia Sebastião
Domenica Eisenstein Noronha

Alternate Members

Geraldo Gianini
Antonio Felizardo Leocadio
Maurício Rocha Alves de Carvalho

Executive Officers

Marcelo Strufaldi Castelli
Chief Executive Officer

Aires Galhardo
Chief Operations Officer

Guilherme P. Cavalcanti
Chief Financial & Investor Relations Officer

Luiz Fernando Torres Pinto
Chief Human & Organizational Development Officer

Maria Luiza de Oliveira Pinto e Paiva
Chief Sustainability, Communication & Corporate Relations Officer

Wellington Angelo Loureiro Giacomin
Chief Procurement, Logistics & Information Technology Officer


Adjarbas Guerra Neto
Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Officer

Caio Eduardo Zanardo
Forestry Officer

Fernando de Lellis Garcia Bertolucci
Technology & Innovation Officer

Henri Philippe Van Keer
Commercial Officer

Julio Cesar Rodrigues da Cunha
Engineering & Projects Officer

Mariangela Daniele Maruishi Bartz
Legal Officer

Paulo Ricardo Pereira da Silveira
Industrial Officer

Vinícius Nonino
Strategy & New Business Officer

Statutory Audit Committee

Julio Sergio de Souza Cardozo
Sergio Citeroni
Marcos Barbosa Pinto
Vera de Almeida Elias

Finance Committee

Sergio Augusto Malacrida Junior
Ernesto Lozardo
Leonardo Mandelblatt de Lima Figueiredo
Marcos Barbosa Pinto

Innovation Committee

Carlos Augusto Lira Aguiar
Eduardo Rath Fingerl
João Henrique Batista de Souza Schmidt
José Luciano Duarte Penido
Raul Calfat

Payment and People Committee

Alexandre Gonçalves Silva
Gilberto Lara Nogueira
João Batista Ferreira Dornellas
José Luciano Duarte Penido

Sustainability Committee

José Luciano Duarte Penido
Anamaria Schilndler
B. Lorraine Smith
Elíbio Leopoldo Rech Filho
João Carvalho de Miranda
Marcelo de Camargo Furtado
Marcelo Strufaldi Castelli
Marília Artimonte Rocca
Miriam Prochnow
Philippe Marie Joseph Joubert


Code of Conduct

Fibria’s Code of Conduct establishes the ethical standards and norms of behavior for managers, direct and indirect employees, suppliers, representatives and commercial partners, and guides the company’s relations with its various stakeholder, both internal and external.

To read the Code of Conduct of Fibria and the Code of Conduct of Portocel, go to the following links.

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