Updated on 30.03.2015

Business | PulpAracruz mill

Located in Barra do Riacho, Espírito Santo, 70 km from Vitória, the Aracruz mill comprises three fiber lines (Mills A, B and C) , with an annual capacity of 2.3 million tons of bleached pulp.

Just 1.8 km from the Mill is the Portocel project, a private terminal specializing in forestry products, opened in 1978, in which Fibria has a 51% stake, and Cenibra has 49%.

The Aracruz mill is self-sufficient in electrical energy, producing 170MWh, which is equal to the residential consumption of a city of 600,000 people.

The main equipment used in the pulp production process is:

  • 2 bark stripping lines
  • 3 recovery boilers
  • 8 chippers
  • 3 digesters
  • 4 delignification lines with oxygen
  • 5 bleaching lines
  • 5 dryers
  • 7 bundling lines
  • 1 chemical plant generating chlorine dioxide and sulfur dioxide

The mil operates to high standards of environmental control with constant investment in programs and technology to monitor emissions, air and water quality, and the proper disposal of waste.


  • Portocel: specialized private forestry terminal opened n 1978 and operated by Fibria (51%) and Cenibra.
  • A terminal with three docks for wood and pulp produced in Bahia.
  • A terminal with a capacity to load about 5.7 million tons of pulp per year.